Featured Projects
  • Water Well Damage Assessment Program

    Over a period of 12 months, GEC successfully located and assessed the threat status of over 4,000 water wells which were determined to have been “at risk” due to damage caused by the hurricane season in 2005. Read More

  • FEMA CTP: Risk Map Flood Study Activity Statement #1 and #2

    GEC worked alongside CPRA staff to develop a Business Plan to include the CTP Risk MAP activities.  This plan was used to create the Coastal CTP program responsible for all CTP related activities in the coastal areas of the State of Louisiana. Read More

  • Statewide Base Map Development

    GEC was responsible for gathering and adjusting data in order to develop an accurate, geo-referenced, and topologically correct public road feature class for the state of Louisiana. Read More

  • Wetland Permit and Marinas Data Portals

    A wide variety of data was collected regarding the available facilities at each marina. Data was standardized so that it could be incorporated into a GIS database, ultimately providing a clear, accurate picture with regard to the status and amenities offered by marinas and other boat-related facilities across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Read More